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Hello everyone!

My name is April and I am the creator of Happy Healin’ Vegan.  My mission is to save as many animals as possible.  I am doing this through holistic health coaching where I encourage a plant based diet as a way to heal from chronic illness, inflammation or to increase longevity.   We are living in a time where animal agriculture is greatly affecting climate change, deforestation, ocean dead zones, the decline of health and so much more.  My hope is to have a positive impact on all of these things.

I have been vegan on and off for my entire life.  I always knew that I had an immense love for animals but would go back to eating meat because I, as an athlete, was worried about the lack of protein in a vegan diet (I now know that you can absolutely THRIVE on a plant based diet, and that plants  contain all the protein we need).

In 2015 and 2016, I had two events happen that would change my life:  getting diagnosed with Lyme Disease and saying goodbye to my best friend (my dog, Jake).  Through my Lyme disease treatment, I learned that a plant based diet decreased inflammation, increased my energy and almost eliminated all of my symptoms.  Through watching Jake’s health decline during his last few days on this planet,  I knew that I could never contribute to the suffering of another animal in any way.

I truly know that educating people, supporting vegan causes, raising awareness, helping YOU live a healthier lifestyle and taking action is what I am supposed to be doing with my life.  I am so excited to show you that, whatever your reason is for choosing this lifestyle, you can increase your vitality, heal from an illness, lose weight/inflammation, become more happy, sleep better, and be fit……..all while choosing compassion!

I cannot wait to work with you!!


April Moor Professional Bio:

Although April Moor had taken a few classes as a child, she began her formal training in dance at Palomar College in 1999.  While training in ballet, modern, jazz, tap, and musical theater April danced in various faculty and student performances, and served as the administrative assistant to the director of the college’s dance program.  In 2004, April was named Palomar College’s Dancer of the Year.  Before leaving Palomar College, April choreographed for the hit musical “Subject to Change”.  She was also fortunate enough to have the chance to dance in the Super Bowl XXXVII Halftime and Pre-game Shows.

While continuing her education in dance, April went to San Diego State University to pursue her Bachelor of Arts in Dance with an emphasis on Anatomy and Kinesiology.  In addition to receiving her degree, April danced with the University Dance Company.  Upon graduation, she received a scholarship to the Academy of Performing Arts where she was encouraged to train in ballet, tap, hip hop, modern, jazz and musical theater.  She later became the manager of the Academy of Performing Arts where she furthered APA’s reputation in the California dance community.

In addition to her dance education, April has had years of experience teaching dance in multiple locations including: Lisette’s Dance Studio in Escondido, the Poway Adult School and Kids College.  She has also had experience working with children through Gymboree Play Programs, 24 Hour Fitness Kids Club and being a nanny for numerous families.

April is a Personal Trainer and has had numerous years working in the fitness industry.  She was the Lead Personal Trainer/Fitness Director at Chuze Fitness for four years.  April is also a graduate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where she studied holistic health.  Last, April is certified in plant based nutrition through the T. Colin Campbell Nutrition Studies and ecornell.

Contact April:

Click here for YouTube

Instagram: @happyhealinvegan

Twitter:  @HappyHealnVegan

Facebook:  @HappyHealinVegan1

Click here to support my activism and coaching.  Together we can change the world!







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