“April Moor was the catalyst to my life style change.  Her caring and can do attitude along with positive reinforcement truly made me want to strive to do my best.  She made me realize I had to make a total life style change to get the results I wanted.  Every week she had a new workout routine or new exercise until we covered every muscle in my body.  April advised me on nutrition and lent me books to aid my learning so I could know myself what foods and amounts would help me get healthy.  The work did not stop at the gym door and she explained it was important to continue to exercise and keep up my work at home.

In no time the pounds started falling off and I was getting stronger, faster and leaner.  I was also becoming more confident.  April gave me the tools and now it falls on me to make healthy living my life style. It’s the guidance and knowledge of the professional trainer that has changed my life and I’m so grateful.”

Anthony Quinones

“April is a little angel. Not only has she introduced me to the world of fitness, barre, and training, but she has become a true supportive friend. She is more than a fitness trainer; she trains you to become a healthier, more balanced person through workouts that truly work your core. After any workout with her, may it be a barre class, a bootcamp class, or a personal training session, you’ll get out feeling accomplished and great about yourself.”

Ranitea Harispuru

“I’ve been going to April’s barre and sculpting classes for almost a year now and I have to say I’ve never met anyone more passionate about their career then April. That passion shows throughout her classes and it really pushes and motivates me through my workouts. I enjoy going to her classes because I’m always learning something new and I can take that knowledge and apply it to my own workouts.  I look forward to April’s classes each week because I know I’m going to get a killer work out and she is the friendliest person I’ve ever met.”

Allison Bromley

“April’s Barre class has completely tightened and toned my body!  It’s a blast to be there with her bright, uplifting energy and I always leave feeling so accomplished.  I’m obsessed with this class!”

Breanna O’Brien

“April has been more than my personal trainer, she has been there to listen in my most difficult times and has also been supportive when I thought I was ready to give up.  To find a person so motivated to see you succeed is what has kept me in this journey.  April has been able to transform my lifestyle and eating habits, and even better she did it at my own pace and always with a smile.  April’s patience, dedication, sincerity, and unlimited support in my journey towards a healthier lifestyle has allowed to become a better person. I know that I will continue to be challenged, but I know that I have the best trainer who will be able to applaud my success.  Not because of monetary interest, but because she has demonstrated that she sincerely cares for every single one of her clients.”

Claudia Barbontin

“April Moor has been an important part of my life style change. As my personal coach, she was available all the time to answer my questions regarding nutrition and fitness.
Moreover, thanks to her knowledge and guidance I have been able to lose more than 45 pounds. Now, I try to follow a healthy diet along with moderate exercise 7 days a week and I feel great. I have more energy to keep up with my children, less allergies, and I feel like a new person. I can’t thank April enough for everything she has done in my life.
I will continue to put in practice what I learned from her to keep my new life style.”

Arlette Sanchez

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