“Don’t cows have to be milked?”

Hello everyone and happy Friday!

I am so sorry that I was MIA for a bit there but someone shared that nasty, stomach flu with me :(.

Anyway, I am back this week with a brand new, question and answer segment.  Today’s question may seem silly or unimportant to some, but it is a question that I get all of the time!!!


Here is a quick, informative video in which I state my answer.  I hope that you will take a moment to watch it and please don’t forget to share it.

Why Do Vegans Always Talk About Being Vegan???

Hello everyone,

A few weeks ago I set up a little experiment on Facebook and asked my followers for the one question that they have for vegans.  Most of the questions were ones that I expected.  “Where do you get your protein?” “What supplements do you take?”  But one that I didn’t expect, and caught me a bit off guard, was …..“WHY DO VEGANS ALWAYS TALK ABOUT BEING VEGAN?”  

Here is a quick video with my answer.  I hope that you will take a few moments to watch it.

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