Can ONE person make a difference?

Hello all,

Do you ever find it difficult to fight for a cause that is so much larger than yourself?  Do you often feel discouraged?

As a vegan activist, I often feel this way and wonder if just ONE person can make a difference.

Here is a quick video for those days where you need some extra motivation or inspiration.

Please stay strong, keep fighting for your cause and know that you are making a huge impact!!!!

My Struggle with Body Image

Hello friends,

Gabby Bernstein says that “Your wounds are your wisdom” and this is something that really resonates with me.  Over the last few weeks, well even years, I have had a major wake up call when it comes to my struggle with body image (body shaming, body hating).  In this very, vulnerable VLOG I share my story with you.

Please take a few moments to watch the video.  I never share my story with you to make you feel sorry for me.  My true purpose is to make an impact and to possibly change the way that we feel about our bodies.

Also, please share with anyone who you think could use it.  Thank you 🙂