Health Coaching


With Happy Healin’ Vegan we offer affordable and convenient health coaching  (and you absolutely do not have to be vegan to participate in our programs!).  If you are looking to increase your energy, lose weight, sleep better, enhance the appearance of your skin, have less allergies or just become happy and healthy, then our programs are for you!!

Online programs:  Clean Eating Challenges run for three weeks and you can participate from the convenience of your own home.  In this program, I provide you with everything you need from health tips, shopping lists, sample menus, recipes, accountability and a private Facebook group for support.  This challenge is extremely affordable and will teach you tips that will last a lifetime.

In person sessions:  For those who feel like an online program isn’t for them, in person health coaching is also available.  We will meet in a convenient location for you and will tailor the program to your needs.  Do you need someone to take you grocery shopping?  Do you want to know what to do to sleep better?  Or do you just need someone to talk to?  This is the program for you!

***I also love, love, love discussing health, nutrition, fitness, Lyme Disease, and animal compassion with large groups.  Please contact me if you think I would be right for your organization.