Lyme Disease

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My Lyme Story (shortened)

I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in October of 2015 after months (possibly years) of extreme fatigue, muscle pain and severe digestive distress.  I was just going through my normal routine of teaching classes, workouts and training when it got to the point where I could barely walk. The pain in my left calf was so severe and I tried everything to relieve it.  I thought for sure that I was just overdoing it and tried resting, electrolyte replacements and even visited Road Runner for new, expensive running shoes and custom insoles (surely, that would fix it!).  My doctor tried everything that he could think of including numerous blood tests and ultrasounds.  Everything came back perfect!  He finally said, ” I don’t think you have Lyme Disease but let’s check just incase.” Just like that, my whole life would be forever changed!

I remember when the doctor called me just like yesterday.  I was actually watching Extra on tv (guilty pleasure) and they were talking about Yolanda Foster and her struggle with Lyme.  They were showing her in the hospital with IV treatments and I thought, “Please don’t let me have that” and the phone rang…

I am not sure how long I have actually had this disease.  I don’t ever remember being bitten by a tick and I never had the classic “bulls-eye rash”.  I did see a holistic doctor about three years ago who suggested I had Lyme (I thought she was crazy and blew it off.  Now I wonder….).

Some of my symptoms since my diagnosis have included: digestive issues (bloating, severe cramping), sinus issues, muscle twitching, brain fog, lack of memory, joint pain, muscle pain, anxiety, headaches, fatigue, lack of passion, hair loss, and nerve tingling.  Each day is completely different and I am never sure what I am going to wake up to.

This journey so far has not been an easy one but I am incredibly optimistic that there is a light ahead of me.  I also truly believe that everything happens for a reason and maybe the reason that this happened to me is so that I can help other people.  If I can change even one life with my story, then it will be worth it.

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