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Personal Training

Benefits of Personal Training:

*Increase flexibility, endurance, and strength.
*Demonstrate proper form while preventing injury.
*No gym membership required.
*Exciting and challenging workouts that are different every session!
*Bring a friend or family member to encourage support and accountability.

Pricing Options:

Single 50 minute session: $50.00
Single 30 minute session: $30.00
Group Session (2 + people): $60.00
***Contact for packages and specials.

*****Are you an animal rights activist?!  Please contact me to discuss your discount on all personal training packages.


Group Fitness Classes for local, animal rights activists.

While it is extremely important for all of us to be advocates for the animals, it is also crucial to make sure that we take care of our own physical and mental health.  I have created a bootcamp style class that will help us improve our strength, increase our flexibility and enhance our endurance so that we can last through all of our activism events.  Plus, this will be an amazing way to build our activism community and to have some fun while doing so.

                                             Next Class: TBA


If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact me with your interest using the form below.




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