Lyme Disease eBook

Now you can find my entire Lyme disease journey in one place!  My Lyme ebook is now available for purchase!

What’s Included:

  • My Personal Lyme Story: from my diagnosis to remission
  • My Lyme Symptoms
  • The Failed Treatments that I Tried
  • What Treatment Finally Worked
  • How I Healed Naturally
  • Tips for Living a Healthy Life
  • My Lyme Diet
  • My Favorite Resources
  • And So Much More………

The entire ebook is only $4.99 and can be purchased below by hitting the red button.  I cannot wait for you to read my entire story and to hopefully use some of my tips to live your best life!

*Note: You do not have to have Lyme to benefit from this ebook. It is for anyone who is trying to improve their health, vitality and longevity.  

Disclaimer:  I am not a doctor and am not offering medical advice.  I am not telling you how to treat your illness.  In this ebook, I am simply telling you my story and what treatment worked for me. I do not claim that these same treatments will work for you.  In addition, I am not affiliated with any of the resources that I provide.


Once you purchase the ebook, you will be able to download it 3 times total from any device.  I hope that you truly enjoy it!