Quick Stretch for Flexibility and Cooldown

Happy Fitness Friday!

It is extremely important to cool down after a workout but we may not always know how to do that. Here is a quick stretch video that can be used as a cool down, to increase flexibility or to use in the morning to kick start your day.

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Happy Fitness Friday!! Leg Workout

Happy Fitness Friday everyone!

I don’t know about you but I am so ready for the weekend!  Before we start enjoying it, how about a quick leg workout using the stability ball?!  Click here for the full workout and have a great weekend!



Ab Workout Using the Ball

Do you have one of those big exercise balls, but you just aren’t sure how to use it?!


Check out my latest Youtube video to learn some of my favorite ab exercises using the physio ball!


What I think is the most common GYM MISTAKE! Don’t do this!

Here is what I believe is the most common GYM MISTAKE that we are all guilty of!  Please take a moment to watch the video and consider this tip on your next trip to the gym.



A 4 minute workout to do during commercial breaks!

Here’s a home workout for you to do while watching your favorite television show. Now imagine that I am using a couch instead of a chair. Also, imagine that I am doing four minutes (1 minute of each exercise) on the commercial breaks. Enjoy 🙂

1) Leg variation: lift one leg, lift the other, lift both legs, stand up with a jump or a calf raise. Repeat.

2) Mountain climbers: bring one knee in and switch.

3) Tricep dips: fingers face your body. Bend elbows to lower your body. Perform the regular version with both feet on the floor or try my variation.

4) Bridges/hip lifts: Both feet will be on your chair/couch. Lift hips off the ground and lower (not touching the ground). Lift one leg or move away from your chair to make it harder.

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My story has been published…have you read it yet?!


I am so, so, so excited (did I mention that I’m excited?!) that my personal story on body shaming has been published by a wonderful blog (Healthy is the New Skinny).  If you haven’t read my blog, My Struggle with Being Perfectly Imperfect, please take a moment to do so.  Empowering women, teens and girls is something that I feel extremely passionate about.  I hope that together we can decrease violence, bullying and body shaming.

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You can view my post on my blog or at http://www.healthyisthenewskinnyofficial.tumblr.com.