Sometimes it would be easier to not care…

“Those who have the privilege to know, have the duty to act.” -James Aspey.

Hello everyone,

Most of the time, in this blog, I try to share information with you: whether it’s vegan nutrition, facts or a kick butt workout that I have created.  Well today is not that day!  Today, I need to share a story with you in order to get it off my chest…that’s what a blog is for, right?!  I truly hope that you will read it anyway; you never know, you may still learn from it or may find it inspiring 🙂


Since becoming vegan, I have definitely had my share of bad days and this past Sunday was no exception.  Over the past two weeks, my husband and I had been volunteering at an animal sanctuary where 12 baby cows had been rescued the day before they were scheduled for slaughter.  Just like other days, we showed up ready to feed the 9 remaining babies and to give them some love (during the last few months, I have absolutely fallen in LOVE with cows, realizing how incredibly smart and docile they are.  They honestly remind me of a big version of my sweet dog).

When we arrived at the sanctuary, we could tell immediately that the energy was completely different.  Not only were we one of the only people there, but the people surrounding us were completely silent.  We walked in, said hi to the babies and checked to see if they had been fed.  In the meantime, we noticed a baby on the ground who was being loved and kindly spoken to by the sanctuary owner (a 16 year old teen girl, by the way!).  She told us, “this one isn’t doing so well.”  We went on with our sanctuary chores, which included picking up the stall and being sucked on by the other babies, but knew that this poor baby had reached the end.  Surely enough, this baby passed away within minutes of our arrival.

Although we were in complete shock, we stayed, comforted the young teen, helped around the sanctuary (all while walking around the dead calf), and left after an hour.  I cried the whole way home.

IMG_7671*This is not the deceased baby.  Just one that is sleeping……


ANOTHER REASON TO STAY AWAY FROM DAIRY:  I knew how incredibly scary the dairy industry was but we learned another horrifying fact before we left.  This sanctuary, which had now lost 4 babies of the original 12, had rescued the calves from a dairy farmer.  He was a completely evil man, who wouldn’t let the rescuers take all of the calves, and even kicked the babies in front of them so that they would “die quicker”.  As if this wasn’t bad enough!  I learned that sometimes in the diary industry, if the farmer knows that the mama cow is having boys, they will abort the babies to get them out sooner.  The sooner the babies are out, the sooner they can use the milk and make a profit!!!  These 12 babies were not only young but they were abortions who didn’t stand a chance.  They were incredibly malnourished and didn’t receive ANY love, or even colostrum, from their mom.  REMEMBER THAT MALE CALVES ARE THROWN AWAY, SLAUGHTERED AND ARE USED FOR VEAL.  NO MILK = NO LIFE


Two days later, and I am still having an extremely difficult time dealing with not only the loss of this baby, but also the enormity of this horrendous industry.  When we came home on Sunday, I was absolutely in shock!  I wanted to cry, scream, run away and completely check out.  I thought to myself that maybe I am not strong enough to deal with this suffering; maybe this is a hopeless cause that I should run away from right now!  Wouldn’t it be easier to just not care and to go on with everyday life?!  Maybe then I can stop being sad.  I can stop being pissed off that we as a society are contributing to this EVERY SINGLE SECOND of every single day!  And just maybe I can stop being pissed off at those around me who are selfishly taking lives so that they can enjoy a minute of satisfaction on their tongues!

MESSAGE TO VEGANS AND NON VEGANS:  And then I realized something.  I realized that it simply not the faults of my family, friends and strangers.  We have been convinced by media and the power of this industry for so long. “Milk does a body good.”  “Milk builds strong bones.”  “We need milk for calcium.”  “At least milk isn’t killing anyone, right?” “Dairy cows need to be milked.”  IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT!

And if we, as vegans, don’t speak up and fight…who will?  This horror will just continue and these animals will continue to be tortured, murdered and have their babies taken away from them.  So as much as I would love to crawl into my bed and grieve, I cannot.  I have to spread awareness and I owe it to these babies who didn’t make it.  There is no more time to be silent.  Once you know the truth, you are obligated to spread the message!


So as I leave you, to wipe the tears off my face, please, please, please consider how you can make a change.  Are you a vegan who is afraid to speak your mind?  Or are you a non vegan who is ready to make a change?  Either way, please get out there, educate yourself and fight for these innocent creatures who just wanted to be loved!!!

Thank you ❤


For more information on the dairy industry, please visit my “Resource” page and check out the following links:


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4 thoughts on “Sometimes it would be easier to not care…

  1. Oh, my goodness. Such a heart-wrenching story. It sure would be easier to not know, yes. That’s why “they” say, “Ignorance is bliss.” But we do know. We can’t pretend we don’t. Thanks for leading the way!!!!

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  2. From the very first time I came into hands on contact with cows, probably, 40 years ago, I realized that there really is something very sacred about them! I had gone to a dairy farm with my husband who was doing a feed study of dairy cows for his masters research in ruminate nutrition. He told me all you have to do to direct a cow to her spot to be milked, is to just step in front of her. It’s true! I did and she knew exactly where to go! She was the “control cow”. Beautiful, huge, brown, lovely face, with huge eyes, a beauty. I was in love. And there was a calf there. I could offer my thumb, and he would just suckel and follow me around, very affectionate and sweet. That was the end of my meat eating days! At the time I wasn’t aware of the horror of the dairy industry, but a yoga instructor I studied with shared the horrors of the cattle industry. I was finished with meat, chicken, pork, lamb. My heart couldn’t bear the taste. That’s my early story from 40 years ago. Back then I was thought kind of odd. A lot of people couldn’t understand my “problem”! Ha! Today is so different. Thanks to people like April, such a gentle soul, awareness is so much greater. Just look around any ordinary grocery store, and now there are so many alternatives! Really! There must be something going on about our dietary changes for the marketing to be changing like it is, without even going into a “health foods store”, you can find beef and dairy alternatives. Doctors are beginning to promote “plant based diets”. We can stop the Inhumane billion dollar beef and dairy industry simply by going with the alternatives that are available to us now! It’s so much easier than it was 40 years ago!!! Try it! You’ll like it!😘💕🐶💞

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    1. Andie, I truly adore you and I thank you SOOO much for all of your continued support. It is exactly what I need during this very difficult fight. There is definitely a change coming…even if it takes a long time to stop these horrendous industries!!! I am so glad that we are on the same page <3. And wow, what a story. And I love cows so much. They are such amazing creatures. I wish the rest of the world could see it. Thank you again 🙂


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