Easy Vegan Dinners (Gluten Free and Healthy)

Hello everyone,

I don’t know about you but dinner is my least favorite meal to cook.  At the end of the day, I am tired and do not want to come up with anything complicated.  However, I also want filling and delicious meals :).

In today’s video I have put together my three, favorite, vegan dinner recipes.  They are all gluten free, healthy and can also be soy free with one modification.

I hope that you enjoy the video and that you can use these recipes in your kitchen.  Have I mentioned that the last one is Mac and “cheese”?!


4 thoughts on “Easy Vegan Dinners (Gluten Free and Healthy)

  1. All 3 meals look soooo good. Thanks for the videos! They help me more than just recipes and photos, even though those are good too. Thanks a lot. These look yummy and sound easy enough for even me to make.


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