“Are You Afraid They’ll Hate You Because You’re Vegan?”

A few weeks ago I was getting ready for a social gathering and all of a sudden, I had this uncontrollable anxiety surrounding the event.  When talking to a friend about it, we pinned my anxiety down to the fear of meeting new people.  This was something that I had struggled with in the past but wasn’t sure why this event had me so worked up.  We went over the details one by one and couldn’t figure out where it was stemming from….until my friend had this one thought.  And here was where the question came in, the question that made me ponder the views of society surrounding my lifestyle.  “Are you afraid they’ll hate you because you’re vegan?” she asked.  And just like that, my whole world stood still in complete disbelief and confusion.

“Hate me because I am vegan?!”  I played this question in my head over and over again and asked myself why anyone would ever hate someone because they are vegan.  And then I saw it as my brain replayed the memes, the videos and the numerous, puzzled faces of people who questioned my lifestyle.

I thought about the vegans that I know and how they are some of the most inspirational, strong willed people that I know and this is why…….

Here are some of the reasons why I think it should be impossible to hate a vegan:

  1.  Vegans are some of the most compassionate people out there!  Every day vegans are making a choice: a choice to save an innocent animal and to give them a life they deserve.  They have enormous hearts and the thought of any animal being tortured will make them cringe. They are some of the ones out there marching, starting sanctuaries, donating and being a voice for the anonymous.
  2. Vegans persevere!!!  Unfortunately, we live in a society where your food choices are almost like your religious beliefs and not everyone feels the same way that we do.  We have to fight obstacles and defend our choices EVERY single day.  People look at you like you are crazy, you get numerous questions about where your protein comes from, and people simply do not understand.  An individual has to be strong willed and persistent to get through the daily grind of being vegan.
  3. Vegans care about YOUR future!  Studies have shown, and there is absolutely no denying, that we are causing immense harm to our planet.  Even if we stopped everything harmful right now, it would take over 100 years to reverse it.  Every choice we make affects our planet, our future and the future of our kids/grandkids.  With every bite that a vegan takes, he or she is cutting down on animal agriculture, saving water, decreasing climate change, and is creating a better future for YOU!

***I realize that these are all general statements, and just like with any group, I cannot account for every vegan.  I realize that we are all different, but these statements are true about the vegans that I know.

I know that there will still be haters out there, but I ask you to think about these points next time you start making fun of someone who is vegan.  There is so much more to us than quinoa and kale 🙂 .

And for those of you who are out there living this lifestyle, please be proud of who you are and be PROUD THAT WHO YOU ARE IS A VEGAN!

9 thoughts on ““Are You Afraid They’ll Hate You Because You’re Vegan?”

  1. The vegan I worked with had my utmost admiration! She is a lovely person who lives life to the fullest and feels doing as little harm as possible in this world is something she could commit to. Persevere!

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  2. Ironically the compassion you cite is probably a part of why some people take issue with vegans. A lot of it, I think, comes from a desire to deride perceived ‘do gooders’ to preempt judgement that they think must be coming their way (even if it isn’t). Your compassion for animals marks you as a ‘do gooder’. It forces them to question how somebody could have looked at the same information they did and come to a different conclusion. Your merely being compassionate is likely a threat to some. Mind you, this is just what I think given my experiences at dinners and parties where I’ll say nothing about my veganism then order vegan food as a practical necessity and end up having to field a hundred and one questions before the conversation goes down hill and the snide remarks start flying from people eating meat. I usually just excuse myself for five minutes or so so they can talk amongst themselves and choose a new topic of conversation.

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  3. I’m late here but this is great! My social anxiety has worsened in the last year and it absolutely stems from a fear of ridicule for being vegan. This was very uplifting! Thanks for your perspective and encouragement!

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    1. Thank you so incredibly much for your comment. I am so glad that I could help. I completely understand and think it’s so important that we all stick together. I am always here if you need someone to vent to :). It’s just so important that we remember why we do it and realize that nothing anyone says/thinks can change how important being vegan is.

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  4. I love this so much!! I’ve definitely had my fair share of anxiety around my veganism, but I find that most of the confusion other people express comes from not understanding what the movement is all about. Our culture is so saturated with food that choosing to eat and live differently comes off as odd to people who don’t understand or haven’t been educated. But through all that, being vegan has made me a stronger person; I’m not afraid to speak up about my beliefs, I’m not afraid to stick to my guns even when people around me stare in bewilderment, and I’ve gotten super used to fielding questions about my lifestyle. Great post, something that I think every vegan should read and something I’m sure will resonate with many!

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    1. Thank you so much for this amazing comment. I completely agree. We have been totally brainwashed. It’s our job to spread the awareness and education while trying to remain compassionate :). And we totally have to stick together, so please reach out if you ever need anything, or someone to talk to. ❤


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