Not Being Good Enough

Hello all of my lovely friends,

Over the last few weeks I have been doing a lot of transformation through meditation and manifestation (if you haven’t heard of Gabby Bernstein, check her out NOW!).  Something that I find that really resonates with me is body image and the feeling of not being good enough.

Have you ever felt this way in your life?! Maybe in your career, your home or even financially?

If so, please take a moment to watch my video.  Let’s take those negative thoughts and channel them into love and joy 🙂

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Thank you for all of your support.

One thought on “Not Being Good Enough

  1. This is sooooooo neat. In a way, I see it as the most valuable work you are doing. Of course, fitness and nutrition are hugely important issues we must address to keep us healthy. But if we don’t believe in our own intrinsic, unconditional value, if we don’t know deep down we are truly loved for who we are (not just how we look or perform) or if we practice negative self-talk, then no amount of exercise or other healthy choices will ever make us feel content. It’s very brave of you to address this topic and so meaningful for your followers to engage in this discussion. Well done. Thank you.

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