Barre Upper Body Workout

**Men, please don’t run away because this post has the word “barre” in it!  I promise that there will not be any dancing in this video and this is an effective workout for both genders.  You’ll be surprised how heavy these little weights can feel 🙂


Happy Fitness Friday y’all!

I really believe that we all have a soulmate workout, one that makes us feel happy. For me, it is definitely barre. As a former dancer, I fell in love with the grace, flexibility and strength of this workout style. Plus, there isn’t any pounding on the joints and never any Burpees (can you tell that I am really not feeling Burpees right now?!). In addition, barre is extremely effective in muscle toning and definition.

Here is a quick upper body workout that is inspired by barre. All you need is a set of light dumbbells and your breath.

I hope that you enjoy it:) Please make sure to share, comment, and like.

*thank you to my fabulous client, Sabine, for being my demonstrator:)


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