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A 4 minute workout to do during commercial breaks!

Here’s a home workout for you to do while watching your favorite television show. Now imagine that I am using a couch instead of a chair. Also, imagine that I am doing four minutes (1 minute of each exercise) on the commercial breaks. Enjoy 🙂

1) Leg variation: lift one leg, lift the other, lift both legs, stand up with a jump or a calf raise. Repeat.

2) Mountain climbers: bring one knee in and switch.

3) Tricep dips: fingers face your body. Bend elbows to lower your body. Perform the regular version with both feet on the floor or try my variation.

4) Bridges/hip lifts: Both feet will be on your chair/couch. Lift hips off the ground and lower (not touching the ground). Lift one leg or move away from your chair to make it harder.

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