NEWS ALERT – April Moor has a New Website

You’re invited to “Follow” my new Website and Blog

“Fitness Nutrition And Moor”

It’s fast and easy, just follow the steps below:

  1. Enter the URL in your browser. Click on the box that says +Follow and enter your Email address
  2. Now check your Email. Open the new mail from WordPress and click the blue Confirm Follow button
  3. Your browser will open with the WordPress “Subscription Management” page. Click the Save Changes button in the bottom left corner of the page and you’re done

You’re now subscribed to April Moor’s great new website and blog. With this new opportunity you will get the latest news April can offer in Personal Training, Nutrition, and Health Coaching, as well as a chance to participate in many Fitness Challenges.

IMG_0935 In a Tree

3 thoughts on “NEWS ALERT – April Moor has a New Website

  1. April, I thought that I would demonstrate what I now propose as the alternative to doing a Mail Merge approach to broadcasting you new website/blog. Using the resources in WordPress and the social media link to your Facebook wall (that you mentioned had approximately 800+ (friends, family, etc.). We could probably get the word out and have everyone interested in following your new site just by doing a post on WordPress and having the same posted on your Facebook page. This would mean we could go live next week (at the earliest) and schedule a mail merge (if necessary) later.

    Your thoughts?


    1. Howard, I think this is a great idea! It sounds fantastic! I would just change it to “latest news April can offer in Personal Training, Nutrition and Health Coaching” as well as a chance…..

      This will be such a great way to get more people following. Great idea!


      1. Will make the changes. Remember we (actually you) need to correlate the friends on Facebook to your list of mail addresses and determine who might not be in your friends on Facebook. Then we target those folks with an email to get them to follow the new website.


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